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Bachelor with a Specialization in Business & Communication

The institute (IMCA) manages one of the three areas of specialization in the bachelor programme of the Communication faculty, namely Business & Communication.

The aim of this area of specialization is to introduce the students to the area of business communication from the perspective of the multiple implications that recent developments in communication have for the relationships between an organization (a company) and its multiple contexts of activity. Emphasis is put on the idea that communication not only plays a supportive role to business, but that it represents a key process in the development of a business and in how business organizations renew. Communication is considered as the central process through which organizations’ acquire and develop their dynamic capabilities, such as knowledge, relations, and trust.

The courses offered in the area Business & Communication aim to shed light on the interdependencies between the development of economic activities and the management of communication processes, the latter both within an organization (internal communication) and between the organization and its multiple stakeholders.

The bachelor curriculum with a specialization in business communication offers an ideal preparation for a series of master programmes, such as the Master in Corporate Communication, the Master in Marketing, the Master in Financial Communication, and allows access to all master programmes of the Communication faculty of USI, those offered in conjunction with the Economics faculty, and the Master in Management offered by the Economics faculty.


Contact Person for Bachelor Programme:

Nicole Bandion
Head of the Study Advisory Service and Promotion
+41 (0)58.666.4672


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