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Papers accepted and invited keynotes at international conferences in the field of CSR, Business Ethics, and Corporate Communication

Dierksmeier, C. and Seele, P.: Berlin: Digital Cryptocurrencies: Mapping the Territory from a Business Ethics perspective. 7th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (16.09.2016)
Gatti, L. Greenwashing in Corporate Communications. H-DA Darmstadt, Institut für Kommunikation und Medien Germany.
Lock, I. and Seele, P.: ‘Nonmarket Strategy and Political CSR: Comparative Framework to identify the Misuse of CSR through Lobbying’ Eben Annual conference: Nottingham UK. (June 2016)
Lock, I., Valentini, C., Roberts-Bowman, S., & Davidson, S. Panel: Lets Talk with Society! Public Affairs Role in Shaping Social and Political Issues. EUPRERA Annual Congress, 29th-30th September, Groningen. (September 2016)
Seele, P.: Annual Meeting of the Society for Digital Humanities: Opening Keynote: Digitale Nachhaltigkeit: Mittel und/oder Zweck? Univ. Bern (13.02.2017)
Seele, P.: Berlin: Benthams Panopticon revisited for enhancing Sustainability in the Digital Age: Toward a Digital Sustainability Panopticon. 7th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (17.09.2016)
Seele, P.: Deutsches CSR Forum. CSR im digitalen Zeitalter: Chancen, Risiken, Ausblicke. Ludwigsburg, Germany (05.04.2016)
Seele, P.: Geneva: May we speak legitimately of the Digital Age? An Inquiry into Philosophical Historiography based on Hans Blumenbergs Concept of Epochal Thresholds. Symposium of the Swiss Society of Philosophy (15.09.2016).
Seele, P.: XV Berliner Forum für Ethik in Wirtschaft und Politik: Schöne neue Nachhaltigkeit?!Über Chancen und Risiken von CSR im digitalen Zeitalter (20.01.2017)
Zapf, L. and Seele, P.: Anaheim: As The Birds To Flying, So Is Man Born Unto Work: Martin Luthers Notion Of Work As A Source For A Meaningful Organization: AOM annual meeting. (04.08.2016)