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New IMCA Research Project Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

The project entitled “The Benefits of Thinking Less: How Deliberation Can Harm Consumer Judgment”, proposed to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) by IMCA Marketing Professor Reto Hofstetter and PhD student Roland Rüppell, was granted research funds for a duration of three years to the Universitą della Svizzera italiana. In this project, the scholars will investigate how cognitive processing style (i.e. fast/intuitive vs. slow/deliberative) influences consumers judgments and decisions accross various contexts.

Four Papers from IMCA Accepted for the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. One Selected as one of the Best Papers of the Program.

Four papers from Institute of Marketing and Communication Management have been accepted for the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management taking place on August 7-11, 2015 in Vancouver. The paper “What passes as a Transparent Field Study in Management?” by Nair, Gibbert, and Weiss has been selected as one of the Best Papers of the program and will be published in the Academy of Management Proceedings of 2015.

The accepted papers are:

Kernbach, S., (2015), The Facilitative Power of Visual Artifacts for Knowledge Sharing in Client-Consultant Interactions’ Perception of CSR Reports, AMA, Vancouver.

Lock, I., Seele, P., (2015), Buying Fool’s Gold? A Scale Development to Test Readers’ Perception of CSR Reports, AMA, Vancouver.

Nair, L., Gibbert, M., Weiss, M. (2015), What passes as a Transparent Field Study in Management?, AMA, Vancouver.

Petani, F., Mengis, J., (2015), In Search of Lost Space. A Processual view of Lefebvre, AMA, Vancouver.

Three IMCA Papers Accepted to the 122 APA Annual Convention 2014

Three papers from the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management have been accepted to the 122 APA Annual Meeting of the American Psychology Association, which will be held in Washington D.C. from the 7th to the 10th of August.

Miniero, G., Ricotta, F. and Addis, M., Getting Transported Through Magical Thinking: The Role of Verisimilitude

Pizzetti, M. and Gibbert, M., How Not to Make Friends: The Effects of Gift Customization on Relational Outcomes

Sun, Q., Hills, T., Noguchi, T. and Gibbert, M., Paying for Useless Advice to Resolve Information Overload, that has been also selected for the “2014 Interdivisional Mentoring Program Award”

Three Papers from IMCA Accepted for the 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. One wins the Sage Publications/RM Division Best Paper Award.

Three papers from Institute of Marketing and Communication Management have been accepted for the 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management which would commence on August 1st  2014 in Philadelphia. The program theme is ‘The Power of Words’.

The accepted papers  are:

Broch, C., Lurati, F., Zamparini, A. and Mariconda, S. (2014), Organizational Identification. The Role of Social Capital.

Gibbert, M., Nair, L.B., and Weiss, M. (2014),“Oops, I’ve got an outlier in my data – now what?” Using the deviance case method for theory building.

Petani, F.J., and  Mengis, J. (2014), When Coordination Creates Interdependencies. A Processual View of a Large Construction Project.

The paper “Oops, I’ve got an outlier in my data – now what?” Using the deviance case method for theory building by  Gibbert, M., Nair, L.B.,& Weiss, M. has been conferred the Academy of Management-Sage Publications/RM Division Best Paper Award, 2014. The Awardees will be honored during the RMD business meeting, on Monday, August 4th at Philadelphia.


Doctoral Defense: Collective and individual identities in the external communication of regional cluster firms – The case of Franciacorta wineries

On Monday, November 25th 2013, Alessandra Zamparini will defend her doctoral thesis on “Collective and individual identities in the external communication of regional cluster firms: The case of Franciacorta wineries”. The defense will take place at 17:15 in room 250.

The committee will be composed of Prof. F. Lurati, USI (thesis supervisor), Prof. R. Grandinetti, Universitą degli Studi di Padova (co-supervisor), Prof. P. Foreman, Illinois State University (external jury member), Prof. D. Ravasi, Cass Business School (external jury member). It will be chaired by Prof. Suzanne Suggs.

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Integrating sustainable development into teaching activities

A new externally funded project, called Studium Sustainale, aims to establish a low-entry-threshold teaching format at the master-level merging the concept of sustainable development (SD) with the concept of extracurricular context studies in the tradition of studium generale (Seele & Seele 2012). Generic skills, transformative learning and integrative approaches are integrated by a.) simulation games and b.) scenario method.

Four conceptual building blocks of Studium Sustainale bring together members from the various faculties of USI with external experts on transdisciplinary skills, methods, foundations of sustainable development and application on the university level).

The project follows six goals, three on the university level and three on the academic level. On the USI level Studium Sustainale aims to 1. introduce sustainable development to the Universitą della Svizzera italiana, 2. promote transformative learning and integrative skills by scenario method and simulation games, and 3. create awareness for integrating sustainable development in other teachers curricula and research agendas and thus contribute to university-wide institutional learning and identity building. On the academic level, Studium Sustainale aims to 1. develop a new, extracurricular teaching format for sustainable development called Studium Sustainale to promote strategic visibility of this td-net/USI initiative, 2. bridge theoretical sustainable development with practical research and teaching situations by scenario application, and 3. train transformative and integrative competencies in interdisciplinary and interfaculty teaching with regard to sustainable development.

BIT Annual Meeting at USI

On July 4th and 5th, the annual meeting of the BIT project (Business and Information Technologies Project) themed “Augmented Relationships in Social Mobile Business” will take place at USI. The meeting is organized in collaboration with UCLA Anderson School of Management and SDA Bocconi.

The Business and Information Technologies (BIT) project is a network of research institutions studying the impacts of new information and communication technologies on business practices in various countries. On the BIT 2013 Program you will find presentations from keynote speakers and experts from the field, in order to encourage knowledge sharing between scholars and managers/experts from various industries. The presentations on the second day will regard country-based findings.

If you are interested, please register at the conference website (no fee) to confirm your participation.

Three IMCA Papers accepted for the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2013


The following marketing papers of IMCA scholars have been accepted to this years EMAC 2013 conference:

Pizzetti, M., Gibbert, M., Herrmann, A. and Guest, D. “I Designed It Myself  Just For You: Effects Of Gift-Personalization on Giver and Recipient, and the Role of Product Involvement, Self-Construal, and Gender


Hofstetter, R., Hildebrand, C., Herrmann, A., Huber, J., Revealing Painful Truths: The Impact of Friends on Self-Reported Health Behavior

The third paper entitled “Revealing Painful Truths” was also accepted for the Advertising and Consumer Psychology (ACP) and the Theory and Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conferences.

A Warm Welcome to Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter

IMCA is proud to welcome Dr Reto Hofstetter to the team who has been appointed as Associate Professor in Marketing. Reto’s research is mainly concerned with consumer behavior in online environments, in particular with network-effects of user-generated-content and incentive-mechanisms in innovation-contests.

Reto has published his work in very prominent journals such as Management Science, Journal of Marketing Research, or Journal of Product Innovation Management. He gained his PhD in Marketing from the University of Bern, Switzerland and visited the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) and Stanford University.

We are looking forward to inspiring conversations and forthcoming research activities with Reto.

PhD position in Interdisciplinary Innovation Management

The Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano (USI) has issued a call for an interdisciplinary Ph.D. position in innovation management, under the joint supervision of Professors Jeanne Mengis, and Michael Gibbert. For more information, please see: Job Announcement