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The Magic Atmosphere of the Locarno Film Festival

A first journal publication is out from IMCA’s shared research project on the Locarno Film Festival. The paper  published in Organization Studies – analyses how the unique atmosphere of the Festival is created not despite, but in view of its multiply-located, hybrid space combining public and organizational space. The paper identifies multiple aesthetic practices that underpin the aestheticization of hybrid space: the interrelation of different aesthetic codes and expressions, the processual guidance of the aesthetic experience, and the provision of a center of experience.


See more: https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/FA4MY77ZNRYCTT7YENRH/full

IMCAs PhD candidate Monika Ma[likowska and Prof. Michael Gibbert published a new article on working spaces and organizational culture

Our IMCA colleagues – Monika Ma[likowska (PhD Student) and Prof. Michael Gibbert have just published their a new article in the Facilities journal (Emerald Publishing) entitled  The relationship between working spaces and organizational cultures. This is a comparative case study that looks into  two levels of fit – company level and work group level –  between the working spaces and organisational culture. It analyses how organisations develop a fit between working space and organisational culture and, more specifically, whether it is possible to modify the organizational culture through the design of working spaces. This study has also been presented at the EURAM conference in Lisbon, in June 2019.

Arnould and Thompson edit the first manual on how to teach Consumer Culture Theory

The first manual to teach Consumer Culture Theory was recently published: https://us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/consumer-culture-theory/book257349#contents

New book: Canonical Authors in Consumption Theory

We recommend this new book: Canonical Authors in Consumption Theory, particularly chapter 22.
This book compiles the contributions of the greatest social thinkers in the global conversation about consumption and consumer culture. A prestigious reference work, it offers original chapters by the world’s most prominent thought leaders and surveys how the work of historical theorists has influenced and shaped consumption theory, both through history and at the cutting edge of research.
Link: https://www.routledge.com/Canonical-Authors-in-Consumption-Theory/Askegaard-Heilbrunn/p/book/9781138648968

Need for Narrative: a film and an article will be published shortly in the Journal of Marketing Management

Prof. Visconti has worked on a film and a commentary article that will appear in the special issue “Journaling Marketing: Videography and the Expanding Horizons of Filmic Research” of the Journal of Marketing Management.

Abstract of paper and film:
What do consumers need from a narrative? How can videographers satisfy those needs? Through semi-structured interviews with 55 Eurostar passengers from 14 countries, this film documents how people define narratives, why they need them, and how they experience the effects of need for narrative. The adjoining commentary contributes to the development of videography as an attractive method by introducing the videographers perspective and elucidating key story elements that can help satisfy viewers needs for narrative. The suggested approach maintains the vivid quality of videography and respects its methodological rigour, while increasing its effectiveness in close alignment with a consumer society that visual communication increasingly permeates. As such, the commentary and the film jointly unveil videographers etic and viewers emic use and evaluation of the videographic method.

IMCAs PhD candidate Ana Javornik has published an article on Harvard Business Review with insights for marketers on Augmented Reality (AR)

Drawing on her doctoral studies, Ana and her colleagues from the University College London Interaction Centre suggest that the value of Augmented Reality for marketing purposes depends on when to include AR into the consumer journey: when the AR app was integrated in a familiar retail setting as a part of the shopping experience, people not only thought highly of the technology, but they also positively related to the products. They were more likely to buy them and view the app as a convenient tool for shopping, not just for playing around.
Have a read on: https://hbr.org/2016/04/what-marketers-need-to-understand-about-augmented-reality

Book by IMCA members published by Pearson Education Inc.

IMCA members Prof. Michael Gibbert, and Lakshmi B. Nair publish a book Strategic Innovation: The Definitive Guide to Outlier Strategies with Prof. Liisa Valikangas (Hanken School of Economics, Aalto University), Markus Paukku (Stanford University), and Ines Peixoto (Aalto University).

The book is about strategic novelty and focuses on the novel inventions which lie outside, or at the very edge of, the conventional understanding of industry dynamics and even industry boundaries. These outlier companies drive the not-yet fully formed businesses, or seek to disrupt established industry models.

The book is published by Pearson Education Inc. It has a number of case studies and founder/CEO commentaries, together with a set of tools for building impactful novel business models by learning from things that are yet to (fully) happen. This contributes to a better understanding of not only the outliers, but also the industry, and the incumbents.

Four Papers from IMCA Accepted for the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. One Selected as one of the Best Papers of the Program.

Four papers from Institute of Marketing and Communication Management have been accepted for the 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management taking place on August 7-11, 2015 in Vancouver. The paper “What passes as a Transparent Field Study in Management?” by Nair, Gibbert, and Weiss has been selected as one of the Best Papers of the program and will be published in the Academy of Management Proceedings of 2015.

The accepted papers are:

Kernbach, S., (2015), The Facilitative Power of Visual Artifacts for Knowledge Sharing in Client-Consultant Interactions’ Perception of CSR Reports, AMA, Vancouver.

Lock, I., Seele, P., (2015), Buying Fool’s Gold? A Scale Development to Test Readers’ Perception of CSR Reports, AMA, Vancouver.

Nair, L., Gibbert, M., Weiss, M. (2015), What passes as a Transparent Field Study in Management?, AMA, Vancouver.

Petani, F., Mengis, J., (2015), In Search of Lost Space. A Processual view of Lefebvre, AMA, Vancouver.

Crowdsourcing – Customer and Employer Insights

New publication of the (Swiss) Association of Marketing for practitioners about crowdsourcing. The authors are Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter, Professor at USI, and Christian Hirsig, CEO of Atizo.com.
Read the article here (in German)…

Two Papers Accepted to Advances in Consumer Research (ACR) 2013 Conference

Two new papers of IMCA faculty will be presented at this year’s ACR conference in Chicago. ACR is the leading international conference for research on consumer behavior which is co-chaired by Simona Botti (London Business School) and Aparna Labroo (University of Toronto) this year. These are the two papers:

Hofstetter, R., Hildebrand, C., Huber, J., Herrmann, A. Revealing Painful Truths: The impact of Friends on Self-Reports of Health-Related Behavior
De Bellis, E., Griffin, J., Hildebrand, C., Herrmann, A., Hofstetter, R. Can’t See the Forest For the Trees: Increased Local Processing in Mass Customization Systems

The conference website can be found here: