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The Magic Atmosphere of the Locarno Film Festival

A first journal publication is out from IMCA’s shared research project on the Locarno Film Festival. The paper  published in Organization Studies – analyses how the unique atmosphere of the Festival is created not despite, but in view of its multiply-located, hybrid space combining public and organizational space. The paper identifies multiple aesthetic practices that underpin the aestheticization of hybrid space: the interrelation of different aesthetic codes and expressions, the processual guidance of the aesthetic experience, and the provision of a center of experience.


See more: https://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/FA4MY77ZNRYCTT7YENRH/full

IMCAs PhD candidate Monika Ma[likowska and Prof. Michael Gibbert published a new article on working spaces and organizational culture

Our IMCA colleagues – Monika Ma[likowska (PhD Student) and Prof. Michael Gibbert have just published their a new article in the Facilities journal (Emerald Publishing) entitled  The relationship between working spaces and organizational cultures. This is a comparative case study that looks into  two levels of fit – company level and work group level –  between the working spaces and organisational culture. It analyses how organisations develop a fit between working space and organisational culture and, more specifically, whether it is possible to modify the organizational culture through the design of working spaces. This study has also been presented at the EURAM conference in Lisbon, in June 2019.

IMCAs PhD candidate Ana Javornik has published an article on Harvard Business Review with insights for marketers on Augmented Reality (AR)

Drawing on her doctoral studies, Ana and her colleagues from the University College London Interaction Centre suggest that the value of Augmented Reality for marketing purposes depends on when to include AR into the consumer journey: when the AR app was integrated in a familiar retail setting as a part of the shopping experience, people not only thought highly of the technology, but they also positively related to the products. They were more likely to buy them and view the app as a convenient tool for shopping, not just for playing around.
Have a read on: https://hbr.org/2016/04/what-marketers-need-to-understand-about-augmented-reality

Seven papers authored by IMCA scholars have been accepted for the 45th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy which will be held in Oslo (Norway)

Giacomelli, S., Mendini, M., and Miniero G., Cobranded Masstige.

Hofstetter, R., Schiestel, L.M., Rüppell, R., and Herrmann, A., Should you really produce what consumers like online? Empirical evidence from an online innovation community

Mendini, M., Peter, P.C., and Gibbert, M., When the cause fits: taxonomic vs. thematic similarity in cause-related marketing

Miniero, G., Pizzetti, M., and Gibbert, M., Schadenfreude:  The sweet taste of being betrayed

Morhart, F. Hofstetter, R., and Ramanathan, S., Sinful consumers, saintly brands: How decadently wasteful consumption makes luxury brands seem more precious

Pizzetti, M., Seele, P., and Gibbert, M., The gift that keeps on giving: Donations appreciation between givers and recipients

Schiestel, L.M., Hofstetter, R., and Vogt, D., Designed to exceed: How attribute presentation influences mental accounting in online product configurators
Nominated for overall best paper based on a doctoral thesis (Top 20 articles).

Roland Rüppells dissertation project Please (Dont) Think Carefully Before You Respond  When Encouraging Deliberation Harms Vs. Promotes Judgmental Accuracy has been accepted for the doctoral colloquium.

IMCA PhD Candidate offered Assistant Professor position at Utrecht University, Netherlands

IMCA PhD Candidate Lakshmi Balachandran Nair has been offered the position of Assistant Professor (Methodology and Statistics Department, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences) at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Currently Lakshmi is in her final year of PhD and is planning to defend her thesis in April, 2016. Her research focuses on the methodological sophistication, rigor, and transparency of research methods in management (with a specific focus on qualitative research methods).

Utrecht University is an internationally prominent, research-led university, which has been deemed as #1 in the Netherlands, #17 in Europe and #56 in the world (Shanghai Ranking, 2015). The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Utrecht University is currently #49 in the world (Times Higher Education World University Ranking, 2016). Lakshmi is planning to join Utrecht University in May-June, 2016.

Congrats, Lakshmi!

Five IMCA Papers Accepted to the 44th Annual Meeting of the European Marketing Academy.

Five papers from the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management have been accepted for the 44th Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Marketing which will be held in Leuven (Belgium) from the 26th to the 30th of May 2015. The program theme is Collaboration in Research.

Codini, A., Bonera, G., and Miniero, G., Regulatory Focus and Green Consumption: The Controversial Role of Prevention

Javornik, A.,  Wow, It Looks Like Its Real! But Can You Fix It a Bit? Measuring Effects of Augmented Reality on Affective, Cognitive and Behavioral Aspects

Mendini, M., Gibbert, M. and Mazursky, D., What is a Phone without Voice and Would you Buy it? Feature Deletion, Use Innovation and Ad-Hoc Categorization

Pizzetti, M., Miniero, G. and Gibbert, M. Youre Hot then Youre Cold: A Field Study on Consumers Response Strategies to Brand Ethical Transgressions

Rüppell, R., Hofstetter, R. and Häubl, G., Intuition and Deliberation in Consumer Preference Measurement

Doctoral Defense: Collective and individual identities in the external communication of regional cluster firms – The case of Franciacorta wineries

On Monday, November 25th 2013, Alessandra Zamparini will defend her doctoral thesis on “Collective and individual identities in the external communication of regional cluster firms: The case of Franciacorta wineries”. The defense will take place at 17:15 in room 250.

The committee will be composed of Prof. F. Lurati, USI (thesis supervisor), Prof. R. Grandinetti, Università degli Studi di Padova (co-supervisor), Prof. P. Foreman, Illinois State University (external jury member), Prof. D. Ravasi, Cass Business School (external jury member). It will be chaired by Prof. Suzanne Suggs.

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