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EMScom alumni in Hamburg for a study trip

Gepostet von USI EMScom – Executive Programs in Communications Management am Mittwoch, 25. April 2018

EMScom alumni have been to Hamburg for a study trip on The power of sustainability, visiting the HafenCity, a lighthouse project for sustainable urban development, Hamburg Süd, a shipping company on course towards sustainability, and Carbonbay, an organization active in carbon management and compensation. Of course, the outing amongst our communication professionals was most of all fun, for example here while cooking some exquisite northern delicacies.

#EMScomAlumni #HamburgStudyTrip

Follow-up Study of USI Moment Machine Survey: Winner

Follow-up study of USI Moment Machine survey is over and Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter is really thankful to all the participants. Below there is the winner and his prize (randomly extracted among all the participants).

J.F. (Amazon Voucher CHF 50)

The winner has already been contacted via email and will receive his prize shortly.

Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter

Survey about Photo Sharing on USIs Moment Machine: Winners

USIs Moment Machine survey is over and Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter is really thankful to all the participants.

Below there is the list of the winners and their prizes (randomly extracted among all the participants).

D.M. (Apple Watch 2)
S.R. (Amazon Voucher CHF 20)
E.D. (Amazon Voucher CHF 20)
D.T. (Amazon Voucher CHF 20)
A.B. (Amazon Voucher CHF 20)
N.C. (Amazon Voucher CHF 20)

All the winners have already been contacted via email and will receive their prizes shortly.

Prof. Dr. Reto Hofstetter

IMCA Master and PhD Graduate Irina Lock takes over Assistant Professorship at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

IMCA post-doc Irina Lock has accepted the call for a position of Assistant Professor in Corporate Communication (Amsterdam School of Communication Research – ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Irina has graduated at USI with a Masters degree in Corporate Communication and obtained her PhD in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility Communication, more specifically the credibility of Corporate Social Responsibility reports in Europe (SNF project 150296, prof. P. Seele). Currently, after winning the prize for the best PhD of the department at USI, Irina works as a post-doc in Lugano and takes over the professorship in Amsterdam in February 2017.
Congratulations, Irina!

Papers accepted and invited keynotes at international conferences in the field of CSR, Business Ethics, and Corporate Communication

Dierksmeier, C. and Seele, P.: Berlin: Digital Cryptocurrencies: Mapping the Territory from a Business Ethics perspective. 7th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (16.09.2016)
Gatti, L. Greenwashing in Corporate Communications. H-DA Darmstadt, Institut für Kommunikation und Medien Germany.
Lock, I. and Seele, P.: ‘Nonmarket Strategy and Political CSR: Comparative Framework to identify the Misuse of CSR through Lobbying’ Eben Annual conference: Nottingham UK. (June 2016)
Lock, I., Valentini, C., Roberts-Bowman, S., & Davidson, S. Panel: Lets Talk with Society! Public Affairs Role in Shaping Social and Political Issues. EUPRERA Annual Congress, 29th-30th September, Groningen. (September 2016)
Seele, P.: Annual Meeting of the Society for Digital Humanities: Opening Keynote: Digitale Nachhaltigkeit: Mittel und/oder Zweck? Univ. Bern (13.02.2017)
Seele, P.: Berlin: Benthams Panopticon revisited for enhancing Sustainability in the Digital Age: Toward a Digital Sustainability Panopticon. 7th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (17.09.2016)
Seele, P.: Deutsches CSR Forum. CSR im digitalen Zeitalter: Chancen, Risiken, Ausblicke. Ludwigsburg, Germany (05.04.2016)
Seele, P.: Geneva: May we speak legitimately of the Digital Age? An Inquiry into Philosophical Historiography based on Hans Blumenbergs Concept of Epochal Thresholds. Symposium of the Swiss Society of Philosophy (15.09.2016).
Seele, P.: XV Berliner Forum für Ethik in Wirtschaft und Politik: Schöne neue Nachhaltigkeit?!Über Chancen und Risiken von CSR im digitalen Zeitalter (20.01.2017)
Zapf, L. and Seele, P.: Anaheim: As The Birds To Flying, So Is Man Born Unto Work: Martin Luthers Notion Of Work As A Source For A Meaningful Organization: AOM annual meeting. (04.08.2016)

IMCA papers accepted at international conferences in the field of Management, Organization Studies and Marketing

Bell, E., Toraldo, M.L. & Mangia, G. Authenticity in Contemporary Craft Work. 30th British Academy of Management Conference (BAM). Newcastle University, UK (September 2016).

De Molli, F. & Mengis, J. Entering Temporary Spaces in an Urban Landscape: An Invitation to New Social Interactions. VI Convegno di Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa. Bergamo, Italy (June 2016).

De Molli, F. & Mengis, J. Temporary Spaces of Aesthetic Involvement as Opportunities for New Interactions. Art of Management and Organization (AoMO) Conference. Bled, Slovenia (September 2016).

De Molli, F. & Mengis, J. When Organizations are in Search of Space: Spatial Appropriation and Aesthetic Enrichment. European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Conference. Naples, Italy (July 2016).

Giacomelli, S. Inventing Around Patents of Third Parties Using the Alignable / Nonalignable Marketing Strategy. American Marketing Association (AMA) Conference. Atlanta, USA (August 2016).

Gibbert M., Nair L.B., Ruigrok W. What passes as rigorous replication logic in management case study research? Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Meeting. Anaheim, USA (August, 2016).

Javornik, A., Rogers, Y., Moutinho, A., & Freeman, R. Exploring the Use of a Make- Up Augmented Reality App in a Store. Designing Interactive Systems (DIS ’16). Brisbane, Australia (June 2016).

Mengis, J. & De Molli, F. Trajectories in Co-creating Space: The Case of a Film Festival. Organizations, Artifacts and Practices Workshop (OAP). Materiality and Institutions in Management and Organization Studies. Lisbon, Portugal (June 2016).

Mielly, M., Islam, G., Toraldo, M.L & Kumar, A. Alliance Française in India: a history of romance, nostalgia, and post-colonial loss. European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Conference. Naples, Italy (July 2016).

Nair L.B. & Gibbert M. Hot on the audit trail: How to assess methodological transparency of grounded theory in management? European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference. Paris, France (June, 2016).

Nair L.B. & Gibbert M. Analyzing fsQCA inconsistent cases: A methodological manifesto for management and organizational studies. European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Conference. Naples, Italy (July, 2016).

Nair L.B. & Gibbert M. Hot on the audit trail: How to assess methodological transparency of grounded theory in management? Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Meeting. Anaheim, USA (August, 2016).

Sun, Q., Gibbert, M., Hills, T. T., & Novak, E. Are Financial Advisors Money Doctors or Charlatans? Evidence on Trust, Advice, and Risk Taking in Delegated Asset Management. Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. Philadelphia, USA (August 2016).

Zamparini, A., Stigliani, I., & Lurati, F. Once upon a Time: How Stories Construct Meaning for New Collective Identities. Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Anaheim, California USA (August 2016).

Zapf, L. & Seele, P. As the birds to flying, so is man born unto work. Martin Luthers notion of work as a source for a meaningful organization. Making Organizations Meaningful. Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Anaheim, California USA (August 2016)

IMCAs PhD candidate Ana Javornik has published an article on Harvard Business Review with insights for marketers on Augmented Reality (AR)

Drawing on her doctoral studies, Ana and her colleagues from the University College London Interaction Centre suggest that the value of Augmented Reality for marketing purposes depends on when to include AR into the consumer journey: when the AR app was integrated in a familiar retail setting as a part of the shopping experience, people not only thought highly of the technology, but they also positively related to the products. They were more likely to buy them and view the app as a convenient tool for shopping, not just for playing around.
Have a read on: https://hbr.org/2016/04/what-marketers-need-to-understand-about-augmented-reality

Lets talk about outliers: IMCA project proposal approved by SNF

The project proposal (How) are Outliers Used for Theory Building in Management and Organization Science? The Link Between Rigor and Impact in Deviant Case Analysis by IMCA members Prof. Michael Gibbert (main applicant) and PhD Candidate Lakshmi Balachandran Nair was approved by Swiss National Science Foundation.

This three year project targets the issue of inadequate utilization of outliers as theory building devices in management research, in comparison with other fields like biology, comparative politics, criminology etc. The project aims to rigorously and reliably identify outliers with the greatest theoretical potential,  assess the methodological sophistication of outlier-analysis strategies used in exploiting this theoretical potential, and explore reasons, motivations, and constraints experienced by authors who report outliers yet forego their theoretical potential by not analyzing them further.

Beyond the immediate academic community, the potential contributions of the research include substantial implications for policy makers, funding agencies, and other stakeholders aiming at making most of invested funds and fostering rigorous research practice.

Shadowing Grant Won by IMCA PhD Candidates Monica Mendini and Federica De Molli

IMCA PhD Candidates Monica Mendini and Federica De Molli won the Shadowing Grant of the Equal Opportunities Service at USI. The grant gives them the opportunity of spending one month at a university abroad to shadow an expert scholar in their respective research fields.

Monica will visit the College of Business Administration at San Diego State University (SDSU) to work on a project concerning similarity and skepticism in cause-related marketing under the supervision of Prof. Paula Peter. SDSU is an internationally prominent, research-led university, which enrolls a total of almost 32.000 students from all over the world. It is ranked 78th among the top public schools in 2016 in the U.S. News & World Report rankings. In addition, the College of Business Administration has been ranked #64 according to the Forbes Best Business School Rankings. Monica is planning to join SDSU in September 2016.

Federica will visit the research team of Organization Sciences, at the VU University Amsterdam. She will work with Prof. Alfons van Marrewijk on a research that, applying a social-material perspective, explores issues related to temporal organizations taking place in urban areas. VU University Amsterdam is a state-funded university with about 25,000 students, with an excellent reputation for the fine quality of its teaching and research. The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) in 2015, deemed the VU University one of the first 100 best Universities in the world.

Congrats Monica and Federica!

Seven papers authored by IMCA scholars have been accepted for the 45th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy which will be held in Oslo (Norway)

Giacomelli, S., Mendini, M., and Miniero G., Cobranded Masstige.

Hofstetter, R., Schiestel, L.M., Rüppell, R., and Herrmann, A., Should you really produce what consumers like online? Empirical evidence from an online innovation community

Mendini, M., Peter, P.C., and Gibbert, M., When the cause fits: taxonomic vs. thematic similarity in cause-related marketing

Miniero, G., Pizzetti, M., and Gibbert, M., Schadenfreude:  The sweet taste of being betrayed

Morhart, F. Hofstetter, R., and Ramanathan, S., Sinful consumers, saintly brands: How decadently wasteful consumption makes luxury brands seem more precious

Pizzetti, M., Seele, P., and Gibbert, M., The gift that keeps on giving: Donations appreciation between givers and recipients

Schiestel, L.M., Hofstetter, R., and Vogt, D., Designed to exceed: How attribute presentation influences mental accounting in online product configurators
Nominated for overall best paper based on a doctoral thesis (Top 20 articles).

Roland Rüppells dissertation project Please (Dont) Think Carefully Before You Respond  When Encouraging Deliberation Harms Vs. Promotes Judgmental Accuracy has been accepted for the doctoral colloquium.