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Two Papers Accepted to Advances in Consumer Research (ACR) 2013 Conference

Two new papers of IMCA faculty will be presented at this year’s ACR conference in Chicago. ACR is the leading international conference for research on consumer behavior which is co-chaired by Simona Botti (London Business School) and Aparna Labroo (University of Toronto) this year. These are the two papers:

Hofstetter, R., Hildebrand, C., Huber, J., Herrmann, A. Revealing Painful Truths: The impact of Friends on Self-Reports of Health-Related Behavior
De Bellis, E., Griffin, J., Hildebrand, C., Herrmann, A., Hofstetter, R. Can’t See the Forest For the Trees: Increased Local Processing in Mass Customization Systems

The conference website can be found here:

Paper: Similarity and Processing Ease in Evaluation of Brand Extensions

Michael Gibbert and Duncan Guest (USI and Nottingham Trent University), Zachary Estes (Bocconi University) and David Mazursky (Bocconi University and Jerusalem School of Business Administration) have conducted a number of studies that inquired in the effects of taxonomic and thematic similarity of brand extensions on the perceptions of consumers. Their paper has just been accepted at the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

A dual-process model of brand extension: Taxonomic feature-based and thematic relation-based similarity independently drive brand extension evaluation

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