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IMCA leaving AOM meeting rich in awards

Lakshmi is receiving the Best Paper Award at this year's AOM in Philadelphia.

At this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Philadelphia, IMCA members received two awards making us proud that the quality of our work is recognized by the academic community.

Here is a picture of Lakshmi Nair (to the right), who collected the best paper award of the Research Methods division, which she received together with professors Gibbert (USI) and Weiss (LMU München) for their paper Oops, Ive got an outlier in my data  now what? Using the deviance case method for theory building”.

At the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division (MOC), Dr. Alessandra Zamparini received the Outstanding Reviewer Award. Unfortunately, our photographer could not be at two places at the same time ;-) Congratulations to Lakshmi, Michael and Alessandra!


Three IMCA Papers Accepted to the 122 APA Annual Convention 2014

Three papers from the Institute of Marketing and Communication Management have been accepted to the 122 APA Annual Meeting of the American Psychology Association, which will be held in Washington D.C. from the 7th to the 10th of August.

Miniero, G., Ricotta, F. and Addis, M., Getting Transported Through Magical Thinking: The Role of Verisimilitude

Pizzetti, M. and Gibbert, M., How Not to Make Friends: The Effects of Gift Customization on Relational Outcomes

Sun, Q., Hills, T., Noguchi, T. and Gibbert, M., Paying for Useless Advice to Resolve Information Overload, that has been also selected for the “2014 Interdivisional Mentoring Program Award”

Giornata ticinese del Marketing at USI

The 17th ‘Giornata ticinese del Marketing’ will take place at USI on May 22nd from 14:30 – 20:00. The event focuses on customer relationship management. A variety of high quality speakers from both business practice and research will provide insights to the field(s). IMCA will be represented by Reto Hofstetter with a speech on ‘Crowdsourcing for Customer Engagement’. More information is available at:


Five IMCA Papers Accepted to EMAC. Two Nominated for Best Paper Award.

The Institute of Marketing and Communication Management is represented by a total of 5 papers at this year’s EMAC Conference in Valencia. The Conference theme is “Paradigm shifts & Interactions”. The following papers with IMCA scholars involved will be presented:

Aryobsei, S., Hofstetter, R., Dahl, D., Herrmann, A. (2014), The Dual Role of Prior Ideas in Driving Creative Performance in Open Ideation Contests, EMAC, Valencia.
Nominated for overall best paper based on a doctoral thesis (Top 20 articles).

Beck, L., Hofstetter, R. (2014), Improvement or Approval: The Effect of Social Feedback on Preference Construction and Purchase Intention along the Product Configuration Process, EMAC, Valencia.
Nominated for overall best paper based on a doctoral thesis (Top 20 articles).

Busacca, B. Bertoli, G., Miniero, G. (2014), Brand Extensions Threat: Counter Extensions, EMAC, Valencia.

Miniero, G., Gibbert, M. (2014), Complaining vs. Expressive Writing in Frustrating Product Experiences, EMAC, Valencia.

Pizzetti, M., and Gibbert, M., (2014), Gifts Keep Friendship Warm: The Moderating Role of Attachment Style and Intimacy on Social and Relational Outcomes of Personalized Gifts, EMAC, Valencia.

Two Papers Accepted to Advances in Consumer Research (ACR) 2013 Conference

Two new papers of IMCA faculty will be presented at this year’s ACR conference in Chicago. ACR is the leading international conference for research on consumer behavior which is co-chaired by Simona Botti (London Business School) and Aparna Labroo (University of Toronto) this year. These are the two papers:

Hofstetter, R., Hildebrand, C., Huber, J., Herrmann, A. Revealing Painful Truths: The impact of Friends on Self-Reports of Health-Related Behavior
De Bellis, E., Griffin, J., Hildebrand, C., Herrmann, A., Hofstetter, R. Can’t See the Forest For the Trees: Increased Local Processing in Mass Customization Systems

The conference website can be found here:

BIT Annual Meeting at USI

On July 4th and 5th, the annual meeting of the BIT project (Business and Information Technologies Project) themed “Augmented Relationships in Social Mobile Business” will take place at USI. The meeting is organized in collaboration with UCLA Anderson School of Management and SDA Bocconi.

The Business and Information Technologies (BIT) project is a network of research institutions studying the impacts of new information and communication technologies on business practices in various countries. On the BIT 2013 Program you will find presentations from keynote speakers and experts from the field, in order to encourage knowledge sharing between scholars and managers/experts from various industries. The presentations on the second day will regard country-based findings.

If you are interested, please register at the conference website (no fee) to confirm your participation.

Exploring temporal work in coordination

With their current work on how hospital emergency teams achieve coordination in conversation, Katharina Hohmann and Jeanne Mengis have been selected to present their paper on “The Conversational Constitution of the Task at Hand: A Temporal Work” as one of the four top papers of the Organizational Communication Division of ICA’s 63rd Annual Conference. The paper argues that when emergency teams coordinate in view of a fleeting object of concern that continues to evolve and develop in unexpected directions (i.e. stabilizing and diagnosing a patient), they engage in active temporal work drawing recent past and imminent future into the present stream of activity.

An earlier version of the paper has also been recognized as one of the top student papers at this year’s APROS 2013 in Tokyo, Japan, where it was presented during a stream exploring the dynamics of performativity and practice.

A more refined version of these conference papers will appear in the edited volume on “Language and Communication @ Work: Discourse, Narrativity and Organizing” of the Perspectives on Process Organization Studies book series.

Mengis J., Hohmann K. (forthcoming). Temporal Work in Coordination: Co-Orienting Around a Fleeting Object of Concern. Cooren, F., Vaara, E., Langley, A. & Tsoukas, H. (eds.) Language and Communication @ Work: Discourse, Narrativity and Organizing (Perspectives on Process Organization Studies), Oxford University Press.

Read more

Papers accepted at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management in Orlando, Florida:

Comi, A., Lurati, F. & Zamparini, A. “Green Alliances: How Does Ecophilosophy Shape the Strategies of Environmental Organizations?”

Gatti, L. & Seele, P. “CSR in Marketing: Quo Vadis? Empirical Evidence for Questioning the Dominant Instrumental Approach”.

Gibbert M., Balachandran Nair L. “Towards Rigorous Case Study Research: How Replication Logic Enhances Internal and External Validity.”

Illia, L. & Zamparini, A. “Legitimate Distinctiveness, Collective Stories and the Fortune of the Commons”.

Mariconda, S. & Lurati, F. “How does new information affect reputation judgments? The role of familiarity”. Paper to be presented in the symposium “Experimental Research in Institutional Theory”, organized by A. Bitektine, P. Haack, M. T. H. Meeus.

Zamparini, A. & Lurati, F. “Combining Collective and Individual Identities into Organizational Stories: a Wine Region Case”.