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IMCA at the Swiss Summer School

Professors Gibbert and Mengis are happy to offer also this year two doctoral courses on qualitative methods at the Swiss Summer School. If you are interested in learning about case study designs and on visual methods for social sciences, then please visit the workshop’s program

IMCA PhD Candidate offered Assistant Professor position at Utrecht University, Netherlands

IMCA PhD Candidate Lakshmi Balachandran Nair has been offered the position of Assistant Professor (Methodology and Statistics Department, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences) at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Currently Lakshmi is in her final year of PhD and is planning to defend her thesis in April, 2016. Her research focuses on the methodological sophistication, rigor, … Continue reading “IMCA PhD Candidate offered Assistant Professor position at Utrecht University, Netherlands”

Guest Talk: From Free to Fee – New Media Pricing of Ringier

Incumbent business models of media companies are currently challenged by the rise of new media. As part of the Pricing lecture at USI, Dr. Klaus Miller from Ringier AG discussed with students and faculty how Switzerland’s largest internationally operating media company copes with the situation as well as which novel pricing approaches work in the … Continue reading “Guest Talk: From Free to Fee – New Media Pricing of Ringier”

Guest Talk: Ecce Inc.

The founder of Ecce inc. and vice president of Decisyon 360 presented his companies’ marketing research approaches to USI students and faculty on November 25th. Ecce is one of the leading social media monitoring tools for companies. Decisyon 360 is the first-and-only platform that unifies analytics, planning collaboration, and process execution in one workspace. It … Continue reading “Guest Talk: Ecce Inc.”

Integrating sustainable development into teaching activities

A new externally funded project, called Studium Sustainale, aims to establish a low-entry-threshold teaching format at the master-level merging the concept of sustainable development (SD) with the concept of extracurricular context studies in the tradition of studium generale (Seele & Seele 2012). Generic skills, transformative learning and integrative approaches are integrated by a.) simulation games … Continue reading “Integrating sustainable development into teaching activities”

Guest Talk: AXA Winterthur’s Head of Quality of Service & Retention

Dr. Dirk Weissbrich of AXA Winterthur presented the applied marketing research approaches of Switzerland’s leading insurance company to USI students and faculty. The interactive lecture, held by the Head of Quality of Service & Retention, was followed by a lively discussion with valuable insights into the insurance business from a practicioners’ perspective.    

Guest Talk: GDI’s Applied Marketing Research

October 28th. Dr. Mirjam Hauser Presented the GDI’s applied marketing research approaches to USI’s faculty and students. The interactive lecture was part of the Marketing Research class. Mirjam Hauser is a senior researcher at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI). She analyses changes in society, business and consumption, with a focus on consumer behavior, nutrition and … Continue reading “Guest Talk: GDI’s Applied Marketing Research”

IMCA Student Field Projects 2013 Completed

(BIC Management, Students Team, and USI Faculty) During the final year of their Master’s, IMCA students are asked to carry out a consulting project. They may choose from a list of internationally known companies and are tutored by IMCA-faculty members. This semester, one of the projects was to develop a deeper understanding of the Swiss … Continue reading “IMCA Student Field Projects 2013 Completed”

Guest Talk: Pricing in Transportation Industry

The Swiss transportation industry is very specific in many ways. In particular, governmental regulations impost restrictions on the application of many modern pricing approaches like yield managment, price differentiation, or consumer oriented pricing. In his talk at USI on March 6th, René Zbinden, Head of Strategic Pricing at SBB/CFF/FFS, outlined the current pricing challenges in … Continue reading “Guest Talk: Pricing in Transportation Industry”

Guest Talk: Crowdsourcing for Innovations

On Thursday, February 21st, Christian Hirsig (CEO of presented how he and his staff influence the way Swiss companies innovate through his crowdsourcing platform The platform is mainly used to run ideation contests in which consumers can post their ideas for solutions to a given innovation problem. The ideas are then evaluated by … Continue reading “Guest Talk: Crowdsourcing for Innovations”