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Description Team
Development of an Issue Management Framework Customer: swissgrid


The Issue Management Framework developed by the project group enables the client Swissgrid to conduct structured and interdisciplinary discussions on issues relevant to the company; designed for and with Swissgrid, it lays the foundations for improved internal coordination. The framework can be easily integrated into Swissgrid's existing corporate processes, allows various instruments to be used to systematically consolidate and exchange information and to proactively manage the most important topics. This promotes an internal culture based on collaboration between the various business units that the client strives for. The Issue Management Framework directly supports the strategy processes; it helps to see the big picture and exposes not only risks but also opportunities for the national grid company.

2017 - EMScom18
Sofio Balavadze, Milisa Kentane, Jan Mühlethaler, Martin Radtke, Almut Schäfer, Barbara Stoeri, Florian Zingg
Palm Oil - Positioning of Mondel?z Europe on an Evolving Issue Customer: Mondel?z Europe


The purpose of this project was to analyze and offer a solution to one of Mondel?z' most significant long-term strategic problems: the issue of palm oil and its various environmental, health, and PR aspects. With sustainability and ecological impact continuing to take center stage within the public debate around the use of palm oil, the group proposed a range of short- to mid-term solutions, which could be implemented by Mondel?z in order to deal with the palm oil issue and similar challenges in a more systematic, integrated, and proactive way. Among those, an issue management scheme, a plan for public engagement based on clear corporate messages, and cooperation with NGOs.

2017 - EMScom18
Divine Bonga, Miriam Crespo Rodrigo, Simone Nilson, Emmanuel Okaalet, Sandra Schär Bellwald, Balz Villiger
Cereal Partners Worldwide Public-Private Partnership Strategy Customer: CPW


The project mandate in the original CPW project brief was to identify a relevant issue area; outline a business case for the partnership; propose partnership criteria for selecting ?the right partner'; and provide a list of global non-governmental organisations operating in this space with which CPW could potentially partner to make breakfast better for its consumers.

2016 - EMScom17
Aimée DuBrule, Matthias Müller, Kathryn Robertson Ballotta, Olesya Winkler
Developing a Brand Positioning and Brand Narrative for Power-Blox Customer: Power-Blox


Power-Blox is a solar energy start-up with a revolutionary idea to empower people to independently produce their own energy. Although they have already won several awards prior to launching their product, the emerging company recognized the importance of understanding how to effectively communicate with their stakeholders and setting themselves apart from the competition to create a sustainable and successful business. The project team was given the assignment to develop a brand positioning and brand narrative based on the internal and external perspectives of the organisation's environment to help them achieve their goals.

2016 - EMScom17
Stephen Funk, Kevin Hansen, Elizabeth Soguel, Barbara Weiss
Digital Communication Strategy for Swiss Re Customer: Swiss Re


The Swiss Re Group is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. The company has recognised the importance of the rapidly evolving trend of digital communication and aims to take its digital communication efforts to the next level in order to position the Group as a dialogue-driven business partner. The project team was given the assignment to develop a Digital Communication Strategy for Swiss Re. Based on an in-depth Digital Communication Audit and an Environmental Analysis, the team developed a comprehensive set of recommendations - including five actionable strategic initiatives and a dedicated Organisation & Governance model - that will help transform Swiss Re's digital communications to fully leverage and share the companies expert knowledge with stakeholders.

2015 - EMScom16
Tommy Jakobsen, Martin Luginbühl, Patrizia Luisi, Dunja Mesic & Jörg Polzer
ENABLING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: By turning employees into ambassadors and key opinion formers into advocates of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Customer: Unilever


Unilever is one of the world's leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. The company's strategy is built to achieve the purpose of ?making sustainable living commonplace'. Social and environmental ambitions are defined through the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP), which helps the business to de-couple growth from environmental impact while at the same time increasing its positive social impact. One of the principles of the USLP is that its overall objectives cannot be achieved by Unilever acting alone. It can only be driven through dialogue with key constituencies like employees and external stakeholders. In this spirit, Unilever gave a mandate to the EMScom consulting group to further improve the perception and engagement levels towards the USLP amongst employees and key opinion formers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The EMScom consulting group identified key issues and opportunities to this objective through an analysis of the research carried out between February and July 2015. In the report, the EMScom consulting group presents a set of recommendations that address the identified issues and opportunities to help Unilever achieve their ambition of sustainable growth.

2015 - EMScom16
Carolin Hoyer, Daniel Schaltegger, René Felder, Roberta Buzio
Promote continuity of care with other healthcare professionals Customer: Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale


EOC is the network of public hospitals of Southern Switzerland, with 1'000 beds, 350'000 patients per year and 5'000 employees. The project team was given the mandate to identify and to assess the quality of relationships and communication between healthcare partners (stakeholders) and EOC. Through both qualitative and quantitative data, the project team developed a customized model and toolbox that allows to monitor the degree of stakeholder support so to be able to highlight some opportunities for improvement.

2014 - EMScom15
Michaela Alt, Alessandra Curti, Simon Krappl, Andrea Trombin-Valente
Recommendations for a Communication Strategy: Introducing Qindao International Film Festival to the European Market Customer: QUIFF


Wanda project team recommends a communication strategy (including communication goals and high-level approaches to reach these goals) targeting European stakeholders, based on the analysis of the impact that Qingdao International Film Festival (QUIFF) will have on the European film festival ecosystem. Through semi-structured interviews, cross-impact analysis and media analysis, the team assessed the European film festival influence structure, the current reception of QUIFF in Europe, and the underlying obstacles that hinder engagement of European key industry players with QUIFF. Based on research findings, communication goals are formulated with high-level communications' strategies addressing ways to reach to the goals respectively.

2014 - EMScom15
Rana AlZoubi, Francesca Bordoni, Hanspeter Geisseler, Stefanie Gerber, Sharon Tang
The organizational identity of Pro Senectute - laying the strategic foundation for a successful rebranding Customer: Pro Senectute


Pro Senectute is a Swiss nonprofit organization, serving the aged since 1917. In 2013, the organization developed a four-year plan, envisioning a stronger focus on the older people, their relatives and the broader public. The main objectives of the project were to reveal the identity of Pro Senectute, analyze the brand landscape and current position of Pro Senectute and provide strategic recommendations for the rebranding.

2014 - EMScom15
Liliana Becerra, Kathrin Gasser, Gilda Schertenleib, Sauty Omar Timtey
WIPO's Reputation. Measuring Stakeholder Perception Customer: WIPO


The consulting project was aimed at capturing WIPO's stakeholders perception through a reputation measurement exercise. The team created a reputation assessment tool for monitoring and managing reputation, identified key drivers of reputation and level of emotional appeal towards the organization among external stakeholders through extensive qualitative and quantitative research. Based on research findings the team provided guidelines for future actions to help improve and sustain WIPO's reputation in relation to its role as the global forum for intellectual property.

2014 - EMScom15
Oliver Bertschinger, Pascal Frei, Francesca Fusco, Ulrike Kelm, Awele Okigbo
Finding a Cure or Treating Symptoms? A New Mandate for Neighborhood Relations at Novartis Global Headquarters in Switzerland Customer: Novartis


Novartis is a leading global healthcare company based in Switzerland. The project team was given the mandate to develop a comprehensive and interactive community relations model for Novartis global headquarters in Basel that is also applicable to other Novartis sites in Switzerland. Based on qualitative data the project team developed a customized model and a corresponding toolbox that could be used at Novartis headquarters and other sites across Switzerland.

2013 - EMScom14
Mohammed Al Hassani, Stefanie Nehlsen, Hélène Renneboog, Satoshi Sugimoto, Irena Wiederspohn
Taking the Six-Point Agenda to the Next Level. Measuring, Managing and Monitoring Reputation for the Nigeria Customs Service Customer: Nigeria Customs Service


The EMScom consulting project group identified the key-drivers of reputation regarding NCS among its key stakeholders, and their perception of NCS's reputation. The team also identified issues and reputation attributes relevant to all key stakeholders and created a dashboard to monitor and manage NCS's reputation.

2013 - EMScom14
Adewale Adeniyi Katja Linssen Lukas Baumgartner Mar Masson
Translating KTH's successful national recruitment strategy into an international recruitment strategy Customer: KTH


The group was asked to develop a framework for analyzing extra-European markets and developing country-specific recruitment communication strategies, with a pilot on Indonesia.

2013 - EMScom14
Rufat Abbasov, Åsa Ankarcrona, Tom Armitage, Fabian Röthlisberger, Tobias Stelzer
V@ttenfall goes social How to make social media evolution happen in an energy utility Customer: Vattenfall


The team developed recommendations for a social media strategy at Vattenfall, taking into consideration the current organizational culture, stakeholder expectations and the role of the employees

2013 - EMScom14
Ivo Banek, Massimo Bello, Martin Rüst, Caroline Wälti, Christina Zhuang
Raising Bonnier´s Attractiveness for Digital Talents Customer: Bonnier


The EMScom consulting group was asked to raise Bonnier's attractiveness as an employer for digital talents in the Swedish market. Bonnier needs these talents to be able to thrive as a digital business within the media industry.

2012 - EMScom13
Donatus Grütter, Bodil Ericsson Torp, Mary Mwendwa, Sascha Weisshaupt, Lukas Widmer
Roche Group´s Reputation amongst Specialists, Payers and Regulators and the General Public Customer: Roche


The project team was given the mandate to assess Roche´s reputation and to develop recommendations, focusing on specific stakeholders and countries.

2012 - EMScom13
Claudio Crivelli, Niina Eschmann, Krzysztof Horoszko, Morten Peick, Sharon Valdettaro, Relindis Wieser
Stakeholder engagement Customer: UPM


The project team was commissioned to deliver the basis for a stakeholder engagement strategy to be coherent to UPM's new specific needs.

2012 - EMScom13
Sari Hörkkö, Wolfgang Gamma, Catherine Kurz, Martin Läderach, Fernando Zarur
Swisscom and eHealth: A Communication Strategy for Stakeholder Engagement Customer: Swisscom


The mandate of the EMScom consulting project was aimed to create a demand in the market for eHealth Services and position Swisscom as the provider of choice.

2012 - EMScom13
Onoria Bozzato, Robert Faulkner, Manuela Staub, Alexey Osipov, Barbara Zanziger, Giovanni Zavaritt
An Approach to Social Media for the Canton of Zug Customer: Canton of Zug


The mandate of the MScom consulting project was aimed to answer the project's initial question, "Should the Canton of Zug use Social Media?" This report provides the governmental council of Zug with a solid basis for deciding on the usage of social media--taking a look first into whether or not it should be used, and then delving into the ways that social media should be applied.

2011 - EMScom12
Andrea Holenstein, Cristina Riesen, Marco Rostagno, David Schäfer, Daniela Schöchlin
Creating a Corporate External Communication Strategy for Stryker Europe Customer: Stryker


The project team was given the mandate to develop an external corporate communication strategy for Stryker Europe with four main objectives: to increase awareness about Stryker Europe among key stakeholders; to communicate effectively to key stakeholders in ways that are truly meaningful for them; to develop a "One Stryker" image in Europe; and to help Stryker move from a product based, internally focused organization to a market and customer-oriented organization.

2011 - EMScom12
Daniel Bartl, Michel Portmann, Valentina Révay, Bent Sørensen, Allar Tankler, Sara Wyss
Dual Brand Ownership Customer: Volvo Group


When different companies share the same brand, it creates ownership confusion. This confusion significantly impacts stakeholder perception and puts the greatest assets of any company-its brand and reputation-at risk. The scope of this MScom consulting project is to map the dual brand ownership situation and assess the level of ownership confusion between Volvo Group and Volvo Car Corporation, as well as to formulate recommendations on how Volvo Group, as a B2B company, can communicate more effectively in the given situation and leverage its brand.

2011 - EMScom12
Cecilia Fleta, Cliffton Mandola, Sabine Meier, Carmen Lautenschlager, Dirk De Muynck
Engaging stakeholders through social media Customer: Syngenta


The MScom consulting group was asked to provide insight and recommendations around how Syngenta might best use social media to engage with its stakeholders as part of an overall corporate communications strategy.

2011 - EMScom12
Barbara Beetschen, Ivana Bianchet, Kirsty James, Luciano Luffarelli, Simon Schmid
The financial risk of carbon: A fast-track communication strategy to establish the carbon risk in the financial market Customer: Greenpeace


The MScom consulting group for Greenpeace proposes a communication strategy which targets the global financial market with the aim to establish the notion that significant risk is attached to current carbon-intensive investments. The underlying idea is that a change in the global investment climate of the financial market has the potential to fast-track global actions towards the climate-change issue. Thus, it is important to influence a main audience in such a manner that the risks connected with high-carbon investments affect their investment models substantially, leading actors to reduce their investments in such industries.

2011 - EMScom12
Samuel Eckstein, Christine Griese, Börs Brita Westelius, Matthias Wüthrich
Strategic framework for internal communications in Stryker Europe Customer: Stryker


The MScom consulting project for Stryker Europe was faced with three fundamental strategic challenges: 1. a new corporate strategy and vision based on "Stryker. There for you" 2. the recent centralization of the European organization 3. lacklustre business performance.

2010 - EMScom11
Lydia Kirchel, Stephan Michel, Alexandra Rhiner, Christoph Rytz, Michele Tesoro-Tess, Aileen Woulfe
Strategic Global Recruitiing through students life cycle relationship management Customer: Copenhagen Business School


Copenhagen Business School wants to attract more non-European, full-degree students. In order to continue its long tradition of internationalisation, CBS needs to improve its international communication in a world where fierce competition is as a real as aggressive marketing presence.

Graduation ceremony for 24 communications professionals - MScom awards its top new graduates the Burson-Marsteller and SPRI Awards
2010 - EMScom11
Christoph Brunner, Cristina Elia, Janie Huus Tange, Barbara Paulsen Gysin, Daniele Pelliciardi, Vivienne Rassaerts
Taking iOMEDICO to the next level Customer: iOMEDICO


The iOMEDICO Management Team mandated the Brand Development Team to answer the question "How to extend the iOMEDICO brand to embrace potential Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) customers?" In order to ensure a high probability of success for the brand extension into the CTMS market, analysis and recommendations have to take into account the curent stage of iOMEDICO as a fast growing organization facing the next stage in its development life cycle.

2010 - EMScom11
Jane Gardiner, Lydia Krüger, Simone Ramser, Guido Schommer, Brona Simons, Tobias Wölfing
Zurich University of the Arts Customer: Zurich University of the Arts


After a merger in 2007, the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) has become Switzerland's largest art school, and now wants to enhance its reputation. Based on a discovery of the University's identity, the consulting project is aimed at using ZHdK's move to the Toni-Areal campus in 2013 as an opportunity platform for future strategic communication.

2010 - EMScom11
Claudia Bocelli, Vasco Cecchini, Barbara Melzl, Erik Petersen, Heike Pohl, Marion Schumacher
Loewe Customer: Loewe


Loewe, the leading home entertainment brand in the premium sector in Germany, currently has aspirations to become the dominant player in Europe and selected metros around the world. This consulting project seeks to provide Loewe with the necessary inputs to develop a successful, sustainable international brand.

Diploma award ceremony for 23 communications professionals
2009 - EMScom10
Athos Del Ponte, Sukanti Ghosh, Ernst Larsen, Lisa Schilling, Ancilla Schmidhauser
Médecins sans Frontières Customer: Médecins sans Frontières


The aim of the project is to develop recommendations on strategic communication for MSF, guiding them to effectively mark MSF's 40th anniversary to be held in 2011. This will be a first anniversary celebration for the organisation.

2009 - EMScom10
Michèle Bodmer, Siân Bowen, Simone Drill, Stefan Heß, Laurence Vindevoghel, Lisa Weekes
Sustainability - An opportunity Platform for the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) Customer: Rhätische Bahn


Almost every day we learn about new concepts and products around the topic sustainability. Sustainability has become a trend over the last years - among all industries. Now what about industries where sustainability is inherent to the system and inbuilt in their "nature"? The Master project is about analyzing wether the Rhaetian Railway, a transportation firm focussing on tourism and seen as sustainable "by nature" is actually positioning itself as such and acting upon. Is this company using this competitive advantage of being an ecological organization, a company deeply anchored into the region and planning years ahead? What opportunities, but also commitments are accompanying the RhB since Summer 2008 where it became part of the UNESCO world heritage? Based on these questions the master theses will show to what extend sustainability demonstrates an "Opportunity Platform", which helps strategically to enter into a communication process with internal and external key stakeholders. In a next step, and looking more into the operational implementation of this sustainable initiative, a communication concept shall show concrete measures on how to add value on the long term.

2009 - EMScom10
Jouni Epper, Kornelia Kneissl, Christina Meier, Thomas Scheuring, Susanne Schmitter, Vera Stiffler
Swisscom and its stakeholders: leading-edge practice in Corporate Responsibility Customer: Swisscom


The consulting team for this project is supporting Swisscom in its efforts to develop leading edge practice in Corporate Responsibility. Interviews with selected Swisscom management and external partners will be used as the basis for developing a three-dimensional mapping of key stakeholders, material issues and engagements. The project will look in-depth at one of Swisscom's environmental engagements, and provide a review that makes reference to the AA1000 AccountAbility Standards.

2009 - EMScom10
Suzy Chisholm, Karin Fischer, Matthias Graf, Amanda Marlin, Gert Schröder, Giorgio Tebaldi
Axpo contributer and cares! Credible engagement for human beings, nature and economy Customer: Axpo Holding AG


The project assignment included the development of a strategy for communicating about Axpo's new renewables sector from 2009 to 2012. The project aimed to embed the overall communication strategy of the company, respectively demonstrating possible alternatives. The current communication instruments and activities should be analyzed and discussed as well as the present operational decisions. The region for the communication project is Switzerland. The strategy will be supported by personnel and financial resources plans

2008 - EMScom9
Gabriele Badertscher Renz, Daniel Beran, Rudolf Blankschön, Maria Casile, Anita Bunk
Strategic stakeholder relationship and issue management - a communication case for DSM Functional Food Customer: DSM


The original project scope for the MScom team was to develop an integrated stakeholder communication strategy for a FF umbrella brand intended to be launched. In the course of the first quarter, DSM's umbrella brand initiative took a different turn, resulting in the postponement of the original launch date, alterations to the original brand briefs and organizational changes. The MScom team adapted its task to deliver a stakeholder and issues analysis on the basis of which a FF communication case could be built.

Burson-Marsteller Award recognizes project team for work with Dutch Life Sciences company DSM
2008 - EMScom9
Daniela Meyer, Dorothée Braun, Audrone Mazeikaite, Ines Najorka, Jacqueline Oertli, Susanne Schluckebier
The UNHCR Branding project Customer: UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency)


The aim of the project is to highlight gaps between UNHCR\'s desired and projected identity, as well as to show the current visibility of some of UNHCR\'s stakeholders (the donor-countries, the corporate sponsors, and the good-will ambassadors). Also to suggest how to increase the visibility of these stakeholders.

2008 - EMScom9
Danny Walsh, Jan Betz, Elena Lidonnici, Martin Schmid, Raffaele Züger, Harry Landau
What is Swisscom's reputation with regard to regulation-relevant issues among specific stakeholders? Customer: Swisscom


The aim of this research project was to investigate Swisscom's reputation with regard to regulation-relevant issues among the stakeholder population: media, politicians, opinion leaders and employees. The main focus was stakeholders' perceptions of the way the Swiss telecommunications market works, the role of Swisscom, the identification with Swisscom, and the company's scope of action.

2008 - EMScom9
Karin Broger, Esther Kühne, Johann Mannes, Urs Schönholzer, Monika Suter, Martin Zehnder
Around the World with Solar Impulse: New perspectives for a successful communication Customer: Solar Impulse


After having successfully accomplished the round-the-world flight in 1999 with Breitling Orbiter, Bertrand Piccard was working on the new challenge of circumnavigating earth with a plane powered only by rays of sunlight. This project, in Piccard's view, presented an opportunity to promote the idea that the technology exists to develop more environmentally- friendly means of mobility. The aim of the MScom consulting project was to develop a strategy to convey this message. An important starting point of the project was the definition of the sender. On one side Piccard has strong commercial sponsors and on the other side he works with EPFL, one of the most prestigious academic scientific institutions in Switzerland. The scope of the message that Piccard sought to convey required that the communication roles of the commercial and institutional (current and potential) stakeholders be well defined.

Solar aircraft and hearing aids: Burson-Marsteller presents its Award for Academic Excellence
2007 - EMScom8
Jérôme Puginier, Martine Ruprecht, Vincent Monnier, Gabriela Cotti Musio, Helena Jansen, Jessica Walther
Basel meets Shanghai Customer: Canton of Basel-Stadt


Basel and Shangai aim at developing a City Partnership soon. The Canton of Basel-Stadt (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) sought to gain a better understanding of the potential of the partnership. Taking a communication perspective, the project aimed analyze the stakeholders involved, current and potential relation-ships among them and their perceptions (in particular, their perceptions of one another's reputations) and expectations. This audit allowed for defininition of potential communication goals and objectives of the Basel-Shanghai partnership on which to base a communication strategy.

2007 - EMScom8
Sabine Horvath, Silvia Behofsits, Rosanna Tivolino, Cristina Mazzei, Makus Abt
Brand selection criteria in the hearing aid market Customer: Phonak Group


This project framed an understanding the dispensers' brand selection criteria to effectively steer marketing and communication decisions for hearing aid brands of the Phonak Group.

Solar aircraft and hearing aids: Burson-Marsteller presents its Award for Academic Excellence
2007 - EMScom8
Nicholas Bloch, Jon Bollman, Stefanie Lauber, Christoph Ottiger, Ina Reinecke
Facts, fat and figures - A reconceptualization of Swissmilk's strategic communication management in view of new rising issues in healthy nutrition Customer: Schweizer Milchproduzenten, SMP


As most dairy products are associated with fat, the milk industry faces image problems and wants to re-position itself relative to the "healthy properties" of milk products. The MScom team asked whether research-based arguments could prevent milk products from being perceived as a "cause for obesity" and whether Swissmilk was a credible source for such kind of information. Furthermore, emerging health issues are becoming more complex, raising the question of how to transmit SMP's positions and arguments to the various key stakeholders.

2007 - EMScom8
Charlotte Hofstetter, Daniel Hug, Eva Maccini, Sylvie Merlo, Sabine Schneider, Marianne Weibel
An investigation of SF Customer: Schweizer Fernsehen


This project, winner of the Burson-Marsteller Award for Academic Excellence, provided communications strategy recommendations addressing key opinion leaders of Schweizer Fernsehen (SF), the leading television broadcaster in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The project included an analysis of SF's reputation among leading representatives of important stakeholder groups. As a public service broadcaster, SF is largely financed (70 percent) through public fees. SF's mission is to produce programs attractive to a broad audience. Embedded in the complex organizational structure of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR idée suisse), SF faces several challenges. A large number of players influence decision making in this competitive business environment. In order to operate effectively in this highly regulated broadcasting environment, support from its stakeholders is essential.

Burson-Marsteller Award for Academic Excellence
2006 - EMScom7
Patricia Goldschmid, Markus Helbling, Rolf Helfenstein, Corinne Lo Verdi, Thomas Lutz Walter, Claudine Marty
Issues Management Customer: Swiss int. airlines



2006 - EMScom7
Doris Ackermann, Mark Baecher, Caroline Berchtold, Barbara Josef, Sandro Mesquita, Zvjezdana Zeco
The The impact of communication on engagement to strategy Customer: UBS


UBS Golbal Wealth Management & Business Banking (Global WM&BB) mandated the project team to develop a tool to measure the level of engagement to its strategy (business priorities) and the impact of communication on the engagement. The MScom project team conducted a pilot survey and developed key findings and recommendations based on the outcome.

2006 - EMScom7
Barbara Fry, William Law, Natascha Molenaar, Tatiana Togni
Communications to Support Sika Strategy Review 2005-2010 Customer: SIKA


MScom degree candidates supported SIKA in communicating a new strategy so that every employees knew their roles within the company and recognized their contribution to the Sika 2005 -2010 strategy.

2004 - EMScom6
Sabine Amrein-Herche, Silvia Kauer-Baumgartner, Stefan Kern, Patrick Köppe, Christine Pielken, Alfred Spieser
Internal Communications Customer: Ringier


Ringier AG is Switzerland's largest media company. Ringier wished to learn about the impact of identification and corporate culture on its daily business, in order to understand how the growth of the company might change the identity. The consulting project looked at how to manage this change process.

2004 - EMScom6
Marco Castellaneta, Reto Klink, Kurt Tonini, Martin Waeber, Martin Schneider, Sandro Graf
USI: Strategy for future success - a communicator's perspective Customer: Università della Svizzera italiana


Based on thorough research, the project described the desired identity of Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) as seen by its "dominant coalition: the perceived identity of USI in the eyes of its relevant internal stakeholders, including awareness and reputation in the relevant markets served.

2004 - EMScom6
Heinz Brodbeck, Martin Fricker, Volker Kadow, Hansulrich Locher, Martine Reymond, Cordula Rieger
Way to leadership Customer: KPMG


The project analyzed and supported cultural change at KPMG Switzerland, identified key drivers and provided recommendations in the field of internal communication.

2004 - EMScom6
Katja Barlogis, Nathalie Dérobert, Zuzana Drozd, Marianne Heller, Christian Imfeld
Brand Management MCH Swiss Exhibition Ltd. Customer: MCH Swiss Exhibition Ltd.



2003 - EMScom5
Christian Jecker, Jacques Andres, Anita Enz, Dominik Marbet, Bettina Schober
Effectiveness and Efficiency of Internal Communications at Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc Customer: Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc.


The client asked the MScom team to focus its research effort on the effectiveness and efficiency of internal communications and in particular to define areas where there may be potential to improve the "value/impact for money-ratio."

2003 - EMScom5
Beate Eckhardt, Leta Filli, Daniela Hotz, Caroline Scherb (Caroline was the winner of the Burson-Marsteller Award for Academic Excellence)
Stakeholder perception and relationship quality asessment of Grasshopper-Club Zurich Customer: Grasshoppers-Club Football Ltd.


The consulting project analyzed: 1) which stakeholders were of particular interest to GCZ in view of the business model; 2) Stakeholders perception of GCZ; and 3) the quality of stakeholders' relationship with GCZ.

2003 - EMScom5
Björn Kälin, Susan Orozco, Michael Schiendorfer, Bianca Vatterodt
Auditing OFCOM to prepare it for its future challenges Customer: OFCOM


The consulting project helped OFCOM develop an organizational identity and advised them on the communications and organizational implications of the proposed identity.

2002 - EMScom4
Roberto Rivola, Evelyn Schmid, Laura Illia, Robert Hangartner, Irene Fischbach
Internal Communications Strategies in a Merger Situation of two Swiss Power-Suppliers Customer: EEF-ENSA


The consulting project defined an internal communications strategy to build strong employee commitment for the continuous change process in order to support the company in a rapidly changing business environment.

2002 - EMScom4
Benoit Revaz, Nils Rickert, Marcel Scacchi, Daniela Sofia, Nina Volles
Introducing the Global Village. Linking Identity, Reputation and Communication Customer: Liechtenstein


The government of Liechtenstein was moving towards actively managing the country's reputation. The project identified the factors affecting Liechtenstein's reputation (in coherence with its identity) and prepared a plan (handbook) for managing that reputation.

2003 - EMScom4
René Schierscher, Armin Lutz, Rolf Fehlmann, Heike Grahlow, Tanja Passow (Tanja was the winner of the Burson-Marsteller Award for Academic Excellence)
Promoting Health Promotion Customer: Health Promotion Switzerland


A strategy was developed to build understanding of how communication could best support the core business of Health Promotion Switzerland.

2002 - EMScom4
Markus Allemann, Jürg Abbühl-Hebeisen, Eros Bosisio, Ulla Hollmann, Stefania Isola
WTO reputation Customer: WTO


The scope of this project was defined as follows: an in-depth analysis based on qualitative primary and secondary research among stakeholders to reveal today's perception of the WTO and the driving factors of its reputation. Based on these findings, recommendations were formulated as to how the WTO Secretariat might devise a communications strategy to improve both public understanding and the reputation of WTO.

2002 - EMScom4
Scott Caulwell, Tatjana Darany, Simona Gambini, Mario Musa, Petra Schmäh
Communication strategy within the IPO process Customer: Sunrise


The project aimed to develop a communication strategy to guide Sunrise to an IPO in 2002.

2001 - EMScom3
Elisabeth Boner, Monika Walser, Natasha Widmer
Foundation of Medical Humanities Customer: Sasso Corbaro Foundation


The project team compiled a communications plan for shaping a "corporate identity," by recommending an organizational structure and proposing a communications approach consistent with the director's aspirations.

2001 - EMScom3
Karin Bossi, Christine Keller Sallenbach, Urs Pfenninger
IPO research project Customer: Switcher


The project included development of a communication strategy to support the Switcher 2003 IPO.

2001 - EMScom3
Tatiana Fumasoli, Philippe Thomas Hauenstein, Alex Miescher, Daniel Rüfenacht
Issues management at the International Committee of the Red Cross Customer: ICRC


The project team devised an issues detection and management strategy for the ICRC, made a recommendations based on its findings, and presented an implementation plan.

2001 - EMScom3
Charlotte Lindsey (Charlotte was the winner of the Burson-Marsteller Award for Academic Excellence), Hadumoth von Escher, Christian Frutiger, Simone Pizzoglio
Baloise Art Prize Customer: Baloise Insurance


The project considerd how Baloise could use its visual arts prize to build stronger relations with its publics, determined the tangible and intangible benefits of the arts prize in order to guide Baloise in decision making associated with the arts prize.

2000 - EMScom2
Martin Philipp Jann, Irma Mühlhofer, Philipp Senn
Handbook for Micromet's IPO communication Customer: Micromet


This project supported Micromet in discovering and creating its identity, and developing its story to facilitate development of a communication plan for the company's IPO.

2000 - EMScom2
Daniela Bassi, Darcy Christen, Kurt Huber, Evelyn Wolf
Internal communications in times of change Customer: Winterthur Life


Aimed at eveloping a typology of business models in order to guide strategies, this project also targeted publics and the message content of the internal communication plan.

2000 - EMScom2
Elisabeth Boner, Anne Cusinay, Willy Rüegg, Werner Schreier
The competitive advantage. Corporate communication in the age of the internet. A business report for Credit Suisse Financial Services Customer: CSFS


By determining what constitutes "excellence" in public relations on the Internet, an outline of the main features of Credit Suisse corporate communications compiled by the project team to measure the gap between where Credit Suisse is and where it should be on the internet.

2000 - EMScom2
Roland Leuenberger, Vincent Lusser (Vincent was the winner of the Burson-Marsteller Award for Academic Excellence), Christian Pfister, Frédérique Walthert
"We are Family." Community building for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2003, St. Moritz Customer: St. Moritz Ski World Championships - 2003


At the heart of this project was development of public relations and communication strategies for the St. Moritz 2003 World Ski Championships to create sustainable regional buy-in.

2000 - EMScom2
Ariane Ehrat, Axel Renner, Markus Rossier, Gieri Spescha, Jörg Wanzek
150 years of Swiss Confederation. Evaluation of the communication activities by the federal agency of culture (Bundesamt für Kultur / BAK) Customer: Federal Office of Culture


In 1998 the federal agency of culture (Bundesamt für Kultur / BAK) was responsible for the organization of the national jubilee (150 years federal state) and the presentation of Swiss literature at the German Book Fair in Frankfurt. Switzerland was official guest-country. The consulting project focused on analyzing the two communication campaigns and the decision-making function of the BAK in it.

1999 - EMScom1
Walter Stüdeli, Susanne Gäumann, Susanne Kreyenbühl
An integrated Communication approach Customer: Gaia Tree Foundation


The Gaia Tree Project is an integrated re-forestation program. The consulting project aimed to: a) define and organize a public relations program to distribute the message regarding investment opportunities in re-forestation via the Internet, and b) develop an analysis of the efficiency of the Internet for this purpose and examine alternative methods of communicating the message.

1999 - EMScom1
Serena Chiusura, Antje Hiel, Eva Pianini, Glenn O'Neil
Communication and PR in the formation of an organization Customer: Oncosuisse


OncoSuisse is a non-profit organization in the field of oncology in Switzerland. The consulting project assessed the critical relationships and issues as well as the internal and external expectations and needs based on primary and secondary research.

1999 - EMScom1
Stefania Misteli, Kathrin Schaeppi, Pia Colombo, Peter Berger
Coordinated communication concept for Swiss Post Customer: Swiss Post


In a liberalized market, Swiss Post is an independent, publicly owned company. The company's objective was to create an integrated communications and to implement a new corporate communication concept within the organization. The aim of the consulting project was to make that happen.

1999 - EMScom1
Rosemarie Rotzetter, Regina Pinna, Barbara Köhler, Nicole Bayard
Exhibitions. Characteristics that contribute to success Customer: Farner / Expo 2002


In the context of Expo.01 - a national exhibition planned in Switzerland - the project team focused on identifying the characteristics and components contributing to the success of an exhibition.

1999 - EMScom1
Margot Leder-Juchli, Annick Lusser, Denise Tschamper
The "So-Why?" campaign. A communications campaign in Africa Customer: ICRC


In 1997 the ICRC launched the "so why" campaign to promote respect for war victims in Africa. The campaign was led by six of Africa's most popular musicians. The report aimed to design a model to evaluate the impact of the "so why" campaign.

1999 - EMScom1
Christine Stähli, Therese Wüthrich, Dirk Schuhmann, Urs Peter Stebler, Glenn O'Neil