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In the institute it is possible to conduct a PhD within one of our six research areas: 


Current PhD students:

Lakshmi B.Nair: Does it pay to be rigorous? The link between validity, reliability and  impact in management case-study research. (supervisor M. Gibbert)
Marta Boffi: (supervisor I. Snehota)
Lucia Gatti: Business ethics and marketing approaches to corporate social responsibility. (supervisor P. Seele)
Stefano Giacomelli: Combining Intellectual Property & Patent Rights Theory with Innovation Management & Communication (supervisor M. Gibbert)
Morana Fuduric: The impact of relationship orientation in social media on business performance (supervisors A. Mandelli, I. Snehota)
Ana Javornik: Relationships between brands and consumers in social media – how consumers engage online (supervisors A. Mandelli, I. Snehota)
Sebastian Kernbach: Knowledge Visualization in Brand Management (supervisor J. Mengis)
Irina Lock: Exploring the “Credibility Gap” in CSR Communication. Analyzing contents and stakeholders’ perceptions of CSR reports in Europe (supervisor P. Seele)
Simone Mariconda: Organizational reputation: understanding the factors influencing its resistance against shocks. (supervisor F. Lurati)
Fabio Petani: Communication between specialized actors in urban planning, with particular focus on coordination in planning and realization of long term urban investments in the field of cultural entertainment (supervisor J. Mengis)
Marta Pizzetti: "A gift just for you". Effect of gift personalization on giver and recipient. (supervisor M. Gibbert)
Roland Rüppell: Does Thinking Harder Make you More Accurate? The Impact of Deliberation on the Validity of Survey Self-Reports (supervisor R. Hofstetter)
Ford Shanahan: Shorting ethos: Exploring the relationship between Aristotle’s ethos and adverse publicity. (supervisor P. Seele)
Qizhang Sun: Cognitive and Decision Sciences (supervisor M. Gibbert)
Alessandra Zamparini: Identity in industrial districts. (supervisor F. Lurati)



Concluded PhDs:

Dr. Elena Salinetti (2013), Business to business marketing (supervisor I. Snehota)
Dr. Alice Comi (2012), Inter-organizational collaboration for innovation development, with particular emphasis on the role of visual communication in supporting knowledge-intensive teamwork among partner organizations (supervisor M. Eppler)
Dr. Antonella La Rocca (2011), Intergoranizational communication (supervisor I. Snehota)
Dr. Sabrina Bresciani (2011), Visualization support for knowledge intensive group work in organizations (supervisor M. Eppler)
Dr. Cristina Broch (2008), Organizational identification. The role of social capital. (supervisor F. Lurati)
Dr. Jeanne Mengis (2007), Integrating knowledge through communication: an analysis of expert-decision making interactions (supervisor M. Eppler)
Dr. Laura Illia (2006), Perceived threats in changing the traits of organizational identity: a discussion of the difficulty in changing organizational identity (supervisor F. Lurati)
Dr. Yvonne Zorzi (2006), The relational perspective on museum context (supervisor I. Snehota)