Bachelor program:
Nicole Bandion
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Master program:
Chiara Krüsi
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The institute offers specialized programs at all academic levels: Bachelor, Master, Executive Master and PhD. In the Bachelor in Communication Sciences, the institute is organizing the major (area di approfondimento) in Corporate Communication (Comunicazione Aziendale), with courses that focus on giving to the students knowledge on the topics of marketing, corporate communication, managerial communication, internal communication, etc.

The institute also developed and coordinates the programs of the Master in Corporate Communication and of the Master in Marketing. These Masters of Sciences (lauree magistrali) are organized together by the Faculty of Communication Sciences and the Faculty of Economics. At the Executive Master level, it organizes the program MScom - Executive Master of Science in Communications Management - and ensure the participation of USI to the FIFA’s International Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport.

Within the institute it is possible to conduct a PhD with a research focus on Business to Business Marketing (Prof. I. Snehota), Strategic Marketing and Innovation (Prof. M. Gibbert), Digital Marketing and PR (Prof. A. Mandelli), Corporate Communication, Reputation and Identity (Prof. F. Lurati), Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics (Prof. P. Seele), Organizational Communication and Knowledge Work (Professor J. Mengis)