A “Timely” IMCA project proposal approved by SNF

Congratulations to IMCA’s Prof. Michael Gibbert whose research project on the role of time in qualitative theorizing has been granted funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


Over the course of the next four years, Prof. Michael Gibbert will collaborate with Lakshmi B. Nair of the University of Utrecht (and an IMCA alumnus) and Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki of the Univeristy of Vienna to address the methodological role of time in developing rigorous, in-depth theoretical understanding of organizational phenomena. More specifically, it will focus on three research questions: (a) How is time being used in the theorizing process?; (b) How can different treatments of time can enrich the theorizing process for qualitative research in the field of management and organization research?; (c) What is the impact of different time-based theorizing approaches on article citations of published qualitative papers?
The project will also welcome 2 new Ph.D. students and 1 Post Doc.