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Exploring temporal work in coordination

With their current work on how hospital emergency teams achieve coordination in conversation, Katharina Hohmann and Jeanne Mengis have been selected to present their paper on “The Conversational Constitution of the Task at Hand: A Temporal Work” as one of the four top papers of the Organizational Communication Division of ICA’s 63rd Annual Conference. The … Continue reading “Exploring temporal work in coordination”

Paper: “Understanding the Role of Objects in Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration”

Jeanne Mengis has published a new paper in Organization Science together with Davide Nicolini and Jacky Swan from Warwick Business School. The paper aims to contribute to the currently vivid discussion in organization studies on the active work done by material objects in cross-disciplinary collaboration. It takes a pluralist approach – building on the theories of … Continue reading “Paper: “Understanding the Role of Objects in Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration””

Alice Comi at ASQ conference!

Alice Comi from IMCA got accepted at the prestigious conference on “Coordination within and among Organizations” organized by the Haute Ecole de Commerce Paris, OMT Devision, and Administrative Science Quarterly. Although the competition was immense and many senior researchers received rejections, Alice’s paper got accepted for presentation at the conference and she was awarded a stipend … Continue reading “Alice Comi at ASQ conference!”