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Book by IMCA members published by Pearson Education Inc.

IMCA members Prof. Michael Gibbert, and Lakshmi B. Nair publish a book ‘Strategic Innovation: The Definitive Guide to Outlier Strategies’ with Prof. Liisa Valikangas (Hanken School of Economics, Aalto University), Markus Paukku (Stanford University), and Ines Peixoto (Aalto University). The book is about ‘strategic novelty’ and focuses on the novel inventions which lie outside, or … Continue reading “Book by IMCA members published by Pearson Education Inc.”

Resource Constrained Innovation

Michael Gibbert has authored and co-authored a number of articles on resource constrained innovation, the most recent one just having been accepted for publication in the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Under the headline “Perceptions of Material Resources in Innovation Projects: What shapes them and how do they matter?” the article inquires into the role of the … Continue reading “Resource Constrained Innovation”