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Davide Nicolini @ next IMCA Forethought Seminar

  Davide Nicolini from Warwick Business School will give a talk at IMCA’s next Forethought Seminar with the title “Using the concept of practice to the study of organization. Why and what for?”. Thursday, 29. March, 16.30 – 18.00, room A24. In this presentation Davide Nicolini will discuss why to use the concept of practice … Continue reading “Davide Nicolini @ next IMCA Forethought Seminar”

Save the date: Deirdre McCloskey at IMCA

  We will start this semester’s IMCA seminar series with a particular highlight. Deirdre McCloskey, Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, English, and Communication of the University of Illinois at Chicago and Professor of Economic History at Gothenburg University, will come to Lugano to give a talk about Ethics, Bourgeois Virtues and Economics.  Monday, 19. March, 16.30 … Continue reading “Save the date: Deirdre McCloskey at IMCA”

IMCA Forethought Seminar with Liisa Välikangas (Aalto University, Helsinki)

Liisa Välikangas from Aalto University gave us a very interesting talk on Organizational Resilience. She built on a longitudinal case study of Best Buy to develop the destinction between operational and strategic resilience and the importance of change reservoirs, which enable organizations to collectively rehearse change before it happens. Watch the video abstract of her … Continue reading “IMCA Forethought Seminar with Liisa Välikangas (Aalto University, Helsinki)”

IMCA Forethought Seminar with Margret Tan (Nanyang University, Singapore)

Margret Tan kindly shared with us her thoughts on “Building Digital Capital, Addressing Digital Inequality: A Perspective of Singapore’s ICT Policy” during an IMCA seminar. Watch the video abstract of her talk: IMCA FORETHOUGHT seminar – Margaret Tan on Digital Capital from IMCA, Uni Lugano on Vimeo.